Westfleisch experiencing sustainable growth

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More exports / comprehensive sustainability report arriving in early 2010 / Westfleisch now in the Baltic states / Gustoland with professional offer for service counters / WestfalenLand steaks in special maturing packaging.


Westfleisch is setting its sights on sustainable growth. In early 2010, the internationally active producer and marketer of meat products from Westphalia, Germany, will be submitting a comprehensive sustainability report for the first time, as reports Dr. Helfried Giesen, Managing Director of Westfleisch eG, Muenster at the start of the Anuga 2009 exhibition in Cologne. The report, according to the standards of the global reporting initiative (GRI) is also to be supplemented by a systematic carbon footprint report for the complete production process. Giesen: “We don’t do things by half. Our goal is to provide a standardised and clear presentation of the economic, ecological, social and corporate performance of Westfleisch for all of our customers.”


Sustainability is a fixed part of the self-concept association founded in 1928. As the first company in the meat industry to do so, at the Anuga two years ago Westfleisch presented its SGS certified ‘Westflesich Quality Partnership’. Giesen views the ‘Quality artnership’ as being an important basis for the characterisation and profiling of retail brands: „In addition to the assured raw material of meat in the suitable volumes, Westfleisch also offers retailers a process chain which is oriented to sustainability and makes a great case to consumers.” Giesen views this to be necessary: “The price-sensitivity of meat consumers has increased due to the world financial crisis.”


To increase trust, secure the raw material basis

Through these initiatives, Sales Manager Hubert Kelliger views Westfleisch as being strengthened: “Through the quality partnership in particular, trust in meat as a valuable foodstuff has grown amongst our customers and the end consumers.” The requirements of the ‘Westfleisch Quality Partnership’ extend ‘clearly beyond the standard legal requirements’. In the professional world, with retailers and also consumers, this step by Westfleisch has found considerable regard and recognition, finding the same relevance as economic, ecological and social aspects.


The focus made by Westfleisch on sustainability is a matter of tradition: as owners of the cooperative business, most of the farmers have worked and lived on a sustainable basis for several generations. The success of the company is based on a total of more than 4,700 cooperation agreements with farmers in the German states of Westphalia and Lower Saxony as well as the Netherlands. With two regional retail chains and meat producers in Westphalia, Westfleisch started the regional marketing initiative ‘Iss’ von hier!’ (Quality local food) – to strengthen the raw material basis as well.


Export successes have increased

The customers are satisfied with Westfleisch, as proven by the demand which also held up in the exceptional circumstances of 2008. Last year, Westfleisch slaughtered around six million pigs, achieved a turnover in excess of two billion Euros for the first time and marketed more than 800,000 tons of meat. Its meat exports in 2008 increased by 32.7%. Customers all over the world are rapidly supplied with fresh products from the meat processing centres at the six plants located in Coesfeld, Hamm, Luebbecke and Paderborn and the Gustoland (Oer-Erkenschwick) and Westfalenland (Muenster) processing subsidiaries, frequently by the logistics subsidiary Wetralog.


Egbert Klokkers, International Export Manager at Westfleisch has already recorded ‘particularly pleasing growth’ for this year. Klokkers: “Despite the economic and financial crisis, the total number of exports has still increased. We have seen exceptional growth in our levels of business in Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia.” Since the middle of the year, Westfleisch has further built on its presence in Eastern Europe opening an office in Kaunas, Lithuania. From there, ‘Westfleisch Baltika’ is serving its customers in the Baltic states. 


WetfalenLand demonstrates its convenience expertise

At the community stand of the Westfleisch group at the Anuga, the meat refinement subsidiary Westfalenland will be presenting a wide range of steak, convenience and light products which have primarily been developed for single and two person households. For the Premium Steak, the Muenster-based company has created a new style of special ripening packaging which ensures the tenderness and flavour of the meat of the young Simmental bulls. Along with the ‘Royal West’ premium steak line, Westfalenland is also offering retailers its ‘Meatlove’ convenience line and the series of light products, ‘Fit & Active’. With its clearly lower fat content products which are produced without flavour enhancers, Westfalenland is addressing nutritionally-aware consumers.


Gustoland quality now available for the service counters as well

Gustoland, the sales company of the Westfleisch meat processing centre in Oer-Erkenschwick will be presenting itself at the Anuga as a competent partner for food retail, gastronomy, large-scale consumers, catering companies, canteens and hotels. Turning its attention to the re-discovery of the self service counter, Gustoland has developed a range of 18 sausage and ham products for professional use.


Thanks to the new, attractive packaging technology for its products, Gustoland is also making the quality aspiration of the Westfleisch group of companies visually tangible for consumers. And the quality and flavour of the products aren’t just the winning over German consumers. The company is registering increased demand from abroad. The concept behind the Gustoland meat products has long been convincing consumers at the international level.

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