Mission statement

Quality, partnership and fairness determine our business and behavior. The cooperative and its employees stand for sustainable meat production with guaranteed quality, origin and safety. Westfleisch informs and communicates openly and honestly, assumes responsibility, adheres to rules and acts in a spirit of trust.


As a result of its daily work, Westfleisch strives to give equal consideration to economic, ecological and social aspects. The elements of the "Westfleisch Partnership for Quality" can be found here:


Mission Statement „Westfleisch Partnership for Quality”

[Download PDF | 2019 ]

Policy statements

Below you will find our corporate policies:


Quality management Westfleisch
[Download PDF | Stand 20.11.2023]


Energy and environmental management Westfleisch
[Download PDF | Stand 20.11.2023]


Management systems for health and safety Westfleisch
[Download PDF | Stand 20.11.2023]


Animal welfare management Westfleisch
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