Westfleisch "Animal Health" offensive sets new standards

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Picture "Westfleisch Animal Health offensive"

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The Westfleisch "Animal Health" offensive sets new standards: Together with scientists and veterinarians, the meat marketer develops a binding package of measures for more animal welfare in the stables.


18. November 2022


Together with scientists and veterinarians the meat pro-cessor is developing a binding package of measures for more animal welfare in lairages.

Münster, 18 November 2022. Westfleisch is putting the issue of animal welfare and animal health to a new level!" With these words, Michael Schulze Kalthoff today announced the Westfleisch "Animal Health" campaign. "As a cooperative and partner of far-mers, we see our role as equally supportive and de-manding," explained the board member of the Münster-based meat processor. "Therefore, we rely on a differenti-ated approach and a corresponding series of increased con-trol, systematic analysis, suitable advice derived from this, and ultimately stricter consequences."

In developing and implementing the Westfleisch "Animal Health" program, the cooperative is working closely with representatives from science and veterinarian health. The focus is on six key aspects: Binding specifications for cooperation between farm veterinarians and farmers, a closer exchange with official veterinarians, deeper data analysis according to aspects relevant to animal welfare, the increased use of artificial intelligence, stricter mea-sures and consequences, and the installation of an om-budsman as a permanent intermediary.

"The aim is for us to provide better preventive advice, raise awareness and provide even stronger support to farms in the future with our Westfleisch 'Animal Health' cam-paign," emphasizes Schulze Kalthoff. For Dr. Martina Oet-jen, veterinarian and head of quality management at Westfleisch, the company is now also taking a decisive step towards achieving higher animal welfare in all laira-ges "In recent weeks, we have been able to take the im-portant first steps with all sides in a very trusting and tar-geted manner," says Schulze Kalthoff. He is confident that the high pace of implementation will continue: "Thanks to our close ties to the agricultural sector, Westfleisch is the only company among the major meat processors that can implement such a concept quickly and effectively."