Based regionally, successful globally

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Westfleisch offers quality, meat specialities, produkt safety and guaranteed origins "From Farmers. Directly." / Fit for the future thanks to the "Westfleisch 2025" structural project / New products and innovative packaging solutions presented at Anuga.

Münster, October 5th 2019. The world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages is the perfect stage for Westfleisch. With its shareholders, approximately 4,500 family-run farms, the meat marketer based in the north-west of Germany stands for local production, regional processing and global marketing. The products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. The export share of more than 40 % reflects the relevance of this share of sales. Farming and the cooperative principle serve as the basis for all our activities. Westfleisch’s partnership agreements with its contract farmers enable it to guarantee quality, reliability and safety throughout the entire process chain. Strong, healthy animals are the key prerequisite for achieving the best quality. And quality is the key to success.


In order to be optimally prepared for future challenges, Westfleisch is investing heavily in plants, people and processes - and thus in its future. “The objective is to promote further specialisation within the Group in the coming years and to make it more flexible”, says Carsten Schruck, Executive Member of the Board. Investments will focus on quality, efficiency and animal welfare. Westfleisch is pursuing growth but above all a quality-oriented strategy with this programme. The individual plants will be further developed and improved in order to make even better use of their specific advantages.

Partnership for quality

For Westfleisch, achieving greater depth of added value and the precise implementation of customer requirements go hand in hand with the consistent expansion and specialisation of the meat centres and production sites. The Westfleisch formula for success, however, is constantly for more than 90 years now: slaughtering, cutting and processing only the finest raw materials – all from a single source! “Hardly anyone masters the entire process chain from agriculture to raw materials through to high quality meat products than we do” says Hubert Kelliger, Head of Sales.


Established in 1928, Westfleisch today ranks among the top 5 meat marketers in Europe. The close relationship with the farmers ensures a reliable supply of valuable raw materials produced in Northwest Germany. It also guarantees shortest transport routes, sustainable management and thus a high degree of animal welfare. This brings transparency for retailers and consumers. From rearing through to the finished product, farmers and Westfleisch work hand in hand for an optimum quality.

Classics and innovations at Anuga

At the Anuga, Westfleisch will focus on well-known classics, ingenious developments, trendsetting new products and exciting innovations. Westfleisch not only presents products to customers and trading partners, the company is also an experienced partner for customised marketing and sales strategies.


Westfleisch will showcase established products, trendy ideas, individual solutions and unconventional innovations for various target groups in the sausage, meat and convenience product sectors. All products are processed in line with top quality standards and the consistent delivery reliability of a well-established cooperative. Be it sausage specialities, barbecue classics, finest steaks, home-made-style burgers, fashionable slow-cook trends or high-convenience microwave favourites – Westfleisch offers its industrial and retail customers and large-scale consumers everything from a single source. The subsidiaries WestfalenLand, Gustoland, IceHouse and Westfood win over customers with their product expertise and specialist know-how when it comes to meat as a high-value food product, thus providing the best individual package for every customer.