From gourmet patties to animal health: Westfleisch presents new products and sustainable solutions at Anuga

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Cologne, Germany, October 6 2023. Westfleisch, one of Europe's leading meat marketers, will be presenting new products as well as solutions to currently prevailing issues such as quality, sustainability and animal welfare at Anuga, which begins tomorrow in Cologne. "We are using the world's leading trade fair for the food industry to further advance the important topics with our various target groups," explains Hubert Kelliger, Head of Sales of the Westfleisch Group.

In Cologne, Westfleisch - as a cooperative with 4,900 agricultural members, a decisive intermediary between agriculture and retail – will, among other topics, provide information onits animal welfare programs such as "More Animal Welfare - Together for the Future", "BauernLiebe" or "Strohwohl". "All programs help to make animal welfare levels and different qualities visible to the consumer and enable our farmers to generate additional revenues," Kelliger explains. When it comes to animal welfare, Westfleisch is considered to be the pioneer in Germany. For example, around 80 percent of the farmers supplying Westfleisch already keep their pigs in accordance with the higher husbandry forms 2, 3 and 4 and thus well above the statutory minimum conditions – the average across Germany is lower.

Westfleisch's "Animal Health" offensive

At Anuga, the cooperative will also be reporting on the Westfleisch "Animal Health" campaign. It is intended to provide better preventive advice to farms in the future, to raise awareness and to provide even greater support. The focus is on, for example, binding specifications for cooperation between farm veterinarians and farmers, a closer exchange with official veterinarians, a more detailed data analysis according to aspects relevant to animal welfare, and stricter measures and consequences. "The offensive has been very well received by scientists, veterinarians, industry experts and in politics," Kelliger reports. "It is already being discussed as an industry solution."

Brand quality with "PURE Masterbeef"

WestfalenLand is one of the leading German producers of self-service fresh meat and fresh convenience. At Anuga, the Westfleisch subsidiary will be presenting its own brand for the first time: "PURE Masterbeef". Here, WestfalenLand's specialists refine high-quality beef products - especially from heifers - in a unique dry-aging process. The steak specialties are matured for around 360 hours in the specially developed "PUREAGING" process. Thanks to the addition of the finest Himalayan salt, a particularly high-quality product is created. "The necessary expertise is provided by master butchers from WestfalenLand, who accompany every step of the entire production process," says Kelliger.

Sustainable packaging solutions

WestfalenLand places another quality focus on environmentally friendly packaging. After all, the reduced use of plastics in packaging is on everyone's lips. But high-quality products in particular place immensely high demands on hygiene, product protection, handling and attractive presentation, so that it is not yet possible to completely dispense with plastic. With the new FlatBoard packaging, however, WestfalenLand has succeeded in saving around 60 percent plastic per article. At the same time, it offers an improved appearance, optimized product presentation and a larger communication area. This is because the perfectly cut piece of meat is placed on a flat product carrier made of virgin fiber carton and covered with a skin film.

Strong demand for slow-cooked products

Gustoland is a sausage and convenience specialist within the Westfleisch Group. At Anuga, the company will be presenting visitors to the trade show with a wide range of sausage specialties - from salami variations to Katen smoked sausage - as well as a broad range of gently preWestfleisch SCE, "Anuga 2023“, 6 October 2023, page 3 of 3 cooked meat products. "These enjoy strongly rising popularity with the consumers", knows Markus Frehe, Sales Director of the Gustoland GmbH. Accordingly, slow-cooked products are now an integral part of the diverse product range. These also include specialties such as spare ribs in various seasonings, pulled beef, pulled pork and pulled chicken, or beef brisket. Everything is already prepared for enjoyment at home and only needs to be heated.

Hybrid mini nuggets

Of course, the traditional classics are not missing in Cologne. These include pork knuckle, sauerbraten or veal schnitzel. And in addition to the classic pork meatballs in various sizes, Gustoland will also be presenting hybrid mini-nuggets made from a mixture of poultry and vegetables at Anuga.

Gourmet patties in international style

Finally, IceHouse will also be represented at Westfleisch's Anuga stand. Among other things, WestfalenLand's frozen food subsidiary will be presenting various gourmet patties for the still booming burger market in Cologne. "Our juicy burger patties are now available in a practical two-pack in various varieties such as German Simmental beef or as cheese patties with cheddar filling," says Frank Reisewitz, sales manager of IceHouse Convenience GmbH. The beef patties in homemade style are also an absolute success. For the production of the patties, IceHouse uses only high-quality beef that is seasoned only with salt and pepper.