Westfleisch achieves good results in 2016

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19 June 2017



Record slaughter volume of 8 million pigs / Net earnings of around 13 million euros / Distribution of dividends and special bonuses
. Westfleisch finished the business year 2016 positively and is back on the road to success. “We are pleased to present such an encouraging result for 2016 - a positive annual net profit and a record slaughter volume of more than 8 m pigs”, stated Carsten Schruck (43), member of the Executive Board at Westfleisch SCE´s General Assembly on Monday, 19 June 2017. „This success gives us the necessary backing for future challenges“. Schruck announced, that the group will pay a dividend of 2.5 % plus special bonuses for members.

Top performance
Europe’s no.5 meat marketer achieved a turnover of 2.47 bn euros – an increase of 2.2 % compared to the previous year – and a net profit of about 13 m euros. Despite the loss of approximately 20 % of production capacity due to the devastating fire at the site in Paderborn one year ago, the market shares were

successfully defended at the prior year’s level and were partially expanded. The sales volume in pork increased 8.1 % to around 639,000 tons; beef sales grew by over 2.8 % to around 106,000 tons.

Exports are one of the group sales drivers: Westfleisch sold about 43 % of its meat and meatproducts abroad. The target markets include the single European market and third countries.With 8 m pigs for slaughter (+2.6 %) the company achieved a new all-time high – an evident growth against the sector trend and well above the national average.
433,000 pc. of cattle were slaughtered in total at the sites in Lübbecke (+10.7 %), Hamm (+2.9 %) and Bakum (+41.3 %).

Focus on future success

Johannes Steinhoff (53), also Member of the Executive Board, announced to make significant investments at the Westfleisch sites in Coesfeld and Oer-Erken-schwick within the current financial year to gain perceptible added value with-in the production chain. After putting into operation of the new deboning hall recently, the Westfleisch site in Lübbecke developed to the biggest and most advanced slaughter and deboning plant for cattle in Germany.

Distinctive identity: “From farmers. Directly.“

“Well known retail partners appreciate the benefits of an open and transparent contract relationship from farm to fork“, Schruck underlined. This would pay off in the form of exclusive supply agreements and additional cooperation.

“The sustainable relationship with farmers as partners at eye-level is unique in the German meat branch“, Schruck stated.

Operating figures

Annual net profit

2.47 bn €
12.9 m €
2.41 bn €
- 4.1 m €
+ 2.2 %
17.0 m €
Pork639,000 t591,000 t+ 8.1 %
Beef106,000 t103,000 t+ 2.8 %
Slaughter capacity
Pigs18.0 m7.8 m+ 2.6 %


448,200- 3.3 %
1 incl. sows, 2 incl. calves

The Westfleisch group of companies

Westfleisch is the no. 3 meat marketer in Germany and ranks amongst the top 5 in Europe. The international company, based in Münster, slaughters, cuts, processes and refines meat. In 2016 the company sold over 950,000 tons of meat and generated turnovers of 2.47 billion Euros. Westfleisch is owned by about 4,000 farmers in North West Germany and the Netherlands. On the basis of cooperation contract, they breed pigs, cattle and calves. Westfleisch has approximately 5,000 employees.