15.02.2016: Fire at Westfleisch Paderborn: Cause not yet determined

Livestock intake in coverage area Paderborn and customer receiving proceeds / Experts began investigation / Work offers for employees

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After the devastating fire on Carnival Monday the cause is still not determined. The fire department officially finished its work at the site, after scanning the area with thermal imaging camera. The two slightly injured staff are both well.

The production losses are compensated by Westfleischs other Meat Centers. The livestock deliveries from the coverage area are transferred to other sites. At Westfleisch Paderborn a central collection point will be arranged this week, so that agricultural suppliers do not have to travel long distances.

Whether and when the production at Westfleisch Paderborn continues is not possible to predict yet. For that reason and as a matter of precaution the contracts for external work and services were cancelled.

The site at Paderborn is one of six Meat Centers within the Westfleisch‐Group. 1,300 cattle and 30,000 pigs per week were processed in the plant. Other emphasis of production was standardized raw materials for the meat industry, Kasseler and bacon.