Westfleisch: Local roots ‐ International success

Westfleisch now "European" / German quality “from farmers directly” / Pioneer in animal welfare and “Agri‐culture” / Added value by appreciation / Precious, innovative, delicious: What’s new in convenience, deep frozen, private label


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Preserving traditional values while looking into the future: Westfleisch has been among the top 5 companies
in the meat industry in Europe for years. Since September it operates as "Societas Cooperativa Europaea"
(SCE) – i.e., European Cooperative Society. The meat marketer located in northwest Germany is a
reliable partner and pioneer in a dynamic branch. About 2.5 billion € in sales, more than 5,000 employees
and a sales volume of approximately 950,000 tons of meat and meat products in 2014 speak for themselves. Transparency, safety and quality are the pillars of this success.

Quality “From Farmers. Directly”

This success is supported by more than 4,000 ‐ mostly family run ‐ farms as members. They are the backbone of the cooperative, standing for what they do with their good reputation. The cooperative secures valuable commodities and a constant availability for "their" company. That is why Westfleisch enjoys an excellent standing not only among food trading partners and customers in Germany.

The export share rose in 2014 by 1.4 % compared to the previous year and is about 43.5 % of the total
amount. Westfleisch currently delivers to over 40 countries, where our high quality standards are appreciated
and trusted.

Overcoming challenges, creating trust

"Regionality, transparency and animal welfare are the topics, we as industry pioneer have constantly in focus," sales director Hubert Kelliger points out. Westfleisch expands its quality standards persistently and
continuously adapts to the requirements of markets and society. As a pioneer in the field of animal welfare,
Westfleisch initiated the "Aktion Tierwohl” five years ago and is now significantly involved in the “Initiative
Tierwohl”. The broad alliance of retail, agriculture and marketers is able to look at initial success and an increasing the acceptance by society and consumers.

Many years of experience and foresight are the driving forces in the development of the Westfleisch concept
"BestPork". Consequently, Westfleisch makes a major contribution to transparency and security starting
at the beginning of the production chain. The concept combines capturing individual diagnostic data of
animal welfare criteria, comprehensive veterinary advice and a living “agri‐culture”. This continually
guarantees fatteners healthy piglets and an ecologically and sustainable production. In addition, the key
facts of "Westfleisch Partnership for Quality" ensure the highest standards from regional freshness through
to the fair treatment of employees.

Convenience in a class of its own

To provide a genuine added value in the meat sector is not easy these days. Westfleischs subsidiaries WestfalenLand (fresh convenience, MAP‐meat) and IceHouse (frozen specialties) offer both: in‐house
slaughtering, short distances, efficient processing, closed production chains. This results in an excellent
product diversity: Premium‐Burgers, finest steaks and meat novelties such as pulled pork leave nothing to be

Transparency and quality for food trade and consumers from one source.

Private label and large‐scale consumer range

Gustoland, the specialist for sausage production within the Westfleisch Group really is unique. Slaughtering,
cutting and processing in large batches under one roof ‐ this is ultimate freshness. More than 30 different
varieties are sold as private label products, which is an increasing and successful retail segment in Germany
as well as internationally ( > 40 % share of total sales). In this connection Gustoland offers support
from the first idea up to the final delivery. Currently packages for bulk consumers are demanded
strongly ‐ cold cuts, ham or salami ‐ large volume for the catering industry and the “Out‐of‐Home” consumption, practical and sustainable.

Particularly strong in beef

Current investments of over 10 million € only at the production site in Lübbecke and an additional cattle
slaughterhouse in Bakum ‐ Westfleisch continuously develops according to its claim to be a top player for
beef at overall 4‐up‐to‐date production sites. It is not only pork where added value is required. The
demand for "prime cuts" as well as valuable byproducts is steadily increasing. "We are growing by a very close collaboration with our customers. Service is the keyword here," beef specialist Jürgen Peschl from
the site in Lübbecke assures.

At this year's Anuga there is more of everything: More themes, more products, more Westfleisch.
This means: More value for our customers.