With the new Westfleisch offensive "Animal Health", we are taking the topic of animal welfare and animal health to a new level. As a cooperative and partner of the farmers, we see our role as both supportive and demanding. We rely on a differentiated approach and a cascade of increased control, systematic analysis, individual advice and consistent action.


Our focus and first priority is the health and welfare of each individual animal. With the measures we will continue to sharpen the view and senses of all involved.

Key aspects of the new Westfleisch ”Animal Health” program

Binding specifications for the cooperation between farm veterinarians and farmers


The cooperation between our farmers and farm veterinarians is contractually regulated. In future, we will make more binding specifications here, for example with regard to a higher visiting frequency.

Closer exchange with official veterinarians


Official veterinarians work in our factories permanently to examine every animal and every carcass. In the future, we want to significantly strengthen the existing exchange with these experts and improve the flow of information - the same applies to the official veterinarians who inspect our suppliers.

Deeper analysis of data: more effective evaluation of diagnostic data according to aspects relevant to animal welfare


Today, we already collect over a dozen diagnostic data for each animal, all of which have so far been evaluated with the same weighting. In the future, we will evaluate this data even more strongly according to aspects relevant to animal welfare, in order to be able to provide better preventive advice to farms with this deeper data analysis.

Increased use of cameras and artificial intelligence


With the further roll-out of camera technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in our meat centers, we will be able to collect and evaluate even more automated diagnostic data in the future. This will reduce the proportion of subjective impressions and increase objectivity.

Stricter measures and consequences


In future, a clearly defined cascade of measures will be implemented earlier and more sustaina-bly: We will monitor, advise and admonish our supplying farms more closely - and impose toug-her consequences. In case of repeated non compliance following consultation, we will consider separating from farmers who we no longer trust to provide good animal husbandry with a reliably high level of animal welfare.

Ombudsman as permanent intermediary


Whether farmers, young farm veterinarians, experienced official veterinarians or our own emp-loyees: we give all those working in the chain the opportunity to consult an independent third party in uncertain situations: For this purpose, we install an ombudsman as a person of trust and permanent contact person.