ASF information for Westfleisch customers

Westfleisch only produces goods that are safe under food law and released for human consumption. Our products are 100 percent free of ASF.

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FAQs for Westfleisch trading partners

Westfleisch has implemented crisis teams and routines per site of operations as well as a general crisis team. Each team consists of the local Quality manager, Sales manager, Procurement manager, Operations director and the Plant Manager of the Meat Centre. The general crisis team consists of the management board, as well as the directors from the Quality, Sales, Corporate Affairs and Procurement Departments.

In 2017, under the lead of our Quality director Dr. Martina Oetjen and her team, Westfleisch developed a crisis handbook dealing with epizootic diseases, including ASF. In cooperation with ministries, industry associations and veterinary offices, the Westfleisch template has been refined into a general template for slaughterhouses across Germany. Each crisis handbook needs to be adapted and tailored to the specifics of the site of operation. It includes the site-specific roles and responsibilities, processes and concepts in case of an ASF outbreak in the region. Westfleisch Meat Centers have all implemented the requirements and demands stated in the crisis manuals since December 2017.

Already today, all pigs delivered to Westfleisch are being controlled by official veterinarians. The control of every single animal prior to the slaughter is the task of the “Fleischhygieneamt”, the respective competent authority. During the check, among other things, the animals are checked for typical symptoms of ASF. Furthermore, the responsible veterinarians are trained on a yearly basis, which ensures comprehensive checks of each delivered animal.

In case of an outbreak within a region affecting Westfleisch suppliers, no alternative is needed.

Disinfection and hygiene measures are carried out and documented comprehensively and carefully at all Westfleisch sites at all times - even in times without an epidemic. In the case of an ASF outbreak, measures in the slaughterhouses and for animal transports will be increased under the supervision of the responsible authorities.

All our employees have been trained and sensitized regarding the risks of ASF, as well as the preventive measures to avoid an outbreak in Germany. Furthermore, we have developed and distributed leaflets for the different employee groups, depicting the correct conduct in case of an outbreak. All employees have been trained in the respective processes.